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cheap fuel oil viscosity in The Pacific

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Название участника: cheap fuel oil viscosity in The Pacific
URL: http://www.aquaoil-bunker.com
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Company Aquaoil was formed in August 2007. By merge of the organizations trading in mineral oil on the earth and on water: Open Company Univerce (1996), Open Company Vostockorgsyntez (2002) and Open Company Mortranstanker (2003). Nowadays our company is one of the largest bunker operators in Black, Azov, Baltic, Caspian the seas. Activity principal views are bunker system courts, supply by fuel bunker system the companies in Volgo-Kamskom pool, and also wholesale trade in all kinds of mineral oil. The length of bunker system hoses is to 60 meters is carried out with oil-bunker stations, self-propelled bunkerers, through auto-petroleum stations on moorings. Mineral oil and oils for bunker system operations are bought at factories ROSNEFT, LUKOIL, the multinational corporation-VR. The bunker system in foreign ports is made by fuel and oils from factories SHELL, BP, TBS, ENI.

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